Finantskonsultant was founded on 16 August 1999, when we started cooperating with Õigusbüroo A. Mägi ja Partnerid. Time demanded a swift response and one transaction led to another. The main activities at that time were accounting services, special audits, and bankruptcy proceedings. Together with the customer’s needs, we have grown over time and started to offer a wide range of financial services.
In 2017, the services offered by Finantskonsultant included due diligence (DD) and re-organisation of companies.

Reliability, efficiency, and accuracy are keywords that you cannot do without in business. Not to mention loyalty and honesty. We work for the well-being of the customer, providing them with the necessary solutions. The work we do provides us with diverse experience and the opportunity to deal with interesting cases. Several recessions have made us a company that adapts quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs.

Since 2006, the company’s CEO has been Jelena Štšeberina, who has a Master’s level degree from the Department of Economics and Finance of Tallinn University of Technology and an education in engineering. She is also a key person in the company and a financial expert whose more than 25 years of economic experience help to offer the best accounting system solutions and work with various accounting and ERP programs (SAF, Movex, Baan, Standard Books, HansaWorld, Merit Palk, etc.).

Jelena Štšeberina has provided financial expertise for the courts and worked on various financial and tax due diligence projects. The client portfolio of Finantskonsultant includes Swedbank and Luminor Pank (formerly DnB Nord), the companies Tere AS, Fortaco Estonia OÜ, Toila Sanatoorium AS, the law firms Ellex Raidla and Cobalt, trustees in bankruptcy, and various foundations. In addition, we have experience in performing special audits in Russia and the Republic of Latvia.

Jelena Štšeberina

Partner/Member of the Management Board

+372 522 4409

Others about us

We have been partners since 2003. Finantskonsultant has advised us in several fields of life, offering both accounting and other financial services (division of companies, due diligence, etc.), not to mention other support services related to staff and business operations.

When I have a new business idea, I like to consult a financial expert, and this is undeniably what Finantskonsultant OÜ is.

I look forward to continued cooperation!

Sven Karjahärm
Member of the Management Board
Rimonne Baltic OÜ

Ellex Raidla Advokaadibüroo has had several projects that have used the services of Finantskonsultant, especially in carrying out special audits. It has been a pleasure to work with real professionals in the field. Finantskonsultant has always done its job quickly and at a high professional level, and this has always been a great help to us. I appreciate Jelena Štšeberina’s unwavering commitment to the task and the fact that Jelena has always taken a creative approach to the task at hand, and we have always had a very relevant, bigger picture of the field of interest and the problems involved.

Sven Papp
Partner | Sworn Advocate
Ellex Raidla Advokaadibüroo OÜ

While working as a bankruptcy trustee, I have repeatedly used the services and assistance of Finantskonsultant OÜ. In particular for special audits and audits of accounts.
The work done by Finantskonsultant stands out with precision and correctness, they are quick and highly skilled. I know that, even in the most complex and voluminous proceedings, I always receive a competent and thorough document on the audits carried out, which I can also use successfully in court in the event of any disputes.

Maire Arm
Sworn Advocate
Maria Mägi Advokaadibüroo OÜ