Twenty-two years in the field of finance have included in our CV several works done in various fields. For the sake of discretion, we use company logos for commissioned work, without providing information about the work done.

Our most exciting special audit took place a year ago, when we discovered an insane number of forgeries. These included documents, contracts, invoices, movements of goods, etc. Even the documents submitted to the bank had been forged and the company had received a working capital loan from them. As things were not as claimed, the company went bankrupt as it was unable to repay the loan to the banks.

When the bank wanted to get back the assets secured by the loan, the moment of truth came. Since everything was based on forged documentation, the banks also had nothing to gain. In order to understand where the pledged assets and the money lent to the company are, Finantskonsultant was commissioned to carry out a special audit.

We recommend that you order a thorough special audit before concluding a large transaction, so that there is a guarantee that your funds will be returned if things go sour.

There was also a case where investors had acquired the company without conducting a thorough pre-purchase due diligence. When financial problems began to arise and there was a suspicion that financial matters were not as they had originally appeared, a special audit was ordered. In the course of this, it became clear that prior to the purchasing of the company, money had been regularly withdrawn from the company through shelf companies, on the basis of fictitious transactions. In addition, there were offsets that could not actually be made and other so-called artistic write-offs, etc.

The real assets that were acquired did not cost as much as claimed, and the investors had invested in so-called air. The assets arose in the company due to the schemes of the former owner and member of the management board, helped by the person performing the accounting. To avoid such situations, it is important to perform thorough due diligence before purchasing and to be careful if the seller prevents you from ordering it for various reasons. It is also necessary for the company’s finances to be monitored by a competent accountant or accounting service provider.

The recovery of transactions will be on the agenda during the bankruptcy proceedings in the bankrupt company if the trustee in bankruptcy orders a special inspection. In such cases, the legal basis for the protection of the creditor(s) is the established process of recovery or cancellation of transactions, which is a relatively common practice in bankruptcy proceedings.

Our experience has shown that each special audit reveals recovery transactions that can be used to go to court.

Typically, a company’s internal audit is ordered by the owner/investor who wants to know what is going on in his company and where the company’s weaknesses are, and whether anyone on the company’s team is abusing his or her authority.

Our practice includes the so-called reverse case, where the internal audit was ordered by the management board of the local company before the internal audit of the foreign owner of the company. The aim was to engage in prevention work and to find the company’s weak points and eliminate them before the foreign owner’s visit.

Once the work had been carried out and the problems identified, the necessary conclusions and corrections had been made and the internal audit commissioned by the foreign owner had gone without comment. The head of the local company had foresight and was smart, identifying the company’s bottlenecks with an internal audit. By eliminating them, they secured their job and ruled out future problems in the company.

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