We have long-term experience in financial consulting in various fields and situations, and we are useful for a company that needs the services of a financial manager. We are flexible and offer our accounting service customers operative verbal financial consultations.

We offer financial consultation to both individuals and entrepreneurs.

Business plans and financial forecasts

We prepare the necessary business plan and financial forecast, which provides the potential investor with the necessary information to decide on financing.

Financial manager service

If a financial manager has not been hired for the company, it is reasonable to outsource the financial management service. Thorough financial analysis helps the manager to make better financial decisions to make the company more competitive.

Successful financial management helps to keep costs low, increase profits, etc. Decisions made in financial management help to set the company’s goals and help to respond quickly to what is happening in the market.

Our financial management service includes the following:

  • budgeting;
  • monitoring the implementation of budgets;
  • management of the accounting department, etc.

Financial and tax consultations

The tax environment is constantly changing. The 0% corporate income tax rate valid in Estonia has attracted entrepreneurs from other countries to Estonia who aim to open their own business here.

In order to make the entry into the Estonian economic space smoother, we have expanded the scope of our tax consultations:

  • preparation of applications and applications to public authorities;
  • representing the client in the Tax Board;
  • natural person tax consultations;
  • corporate tax consultations;
  • pre-consultation and post-consultation over a will;
  • registration of tax residents in the Republic of Estonia;
  • consultation on income tax, VAT, and other taxes;
  • assessment of the tax consequences of the transactions;
  • development of a tax strategy, etc.

Finantskonsultant has over twenty years of experience in the field of corporate financial consulting. In our experience, we have noticed that when a company encounters financial difficulties, time begins to play a role. There is no point in hiding your head in the sand, as you have to save what you can save, be it by selling unnecessary assets or merging assets, depending on the situation. Based on the needs and financial expediency, we make proposals for the optimal transformation of the company.

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