In addition to financial and accounting services, Finantskonsultant also provides other business support services.

We can help customers:

  • in the event of business liquidation operations;
  • upon preparing a business plan (in case of receiving a loan and submitting an application to Enterprise Estonia or KredEx, etc.);
  • upon preparing the company’s financial forecast;
  • upon preparing loan agreements;
  • upon preparing an application to Enterprise Estonia;
  • upon consulting in case of change of shareholders, etc

Submission of grant application to Enterprise Estonia

All entrepreneurs can apply for support from various national support measures and programmes, regardless of the whether they are start-ups or operating entrepreneurs or the public sector. There are many fields to choose from and Finantskonsultant helps customers to better navigate in this area. We not only advise customers, but also submit all of the necessary documents to Enterprise Estonia in order to ensure that they will receive an application.

A company that has a plan to start applying for a grant from Enterprise Estonia must not have tax arrears or it must be postponed. All annual reports must also be submitted. In their absence, please be sure to contact us by sending an e-mail to

Change of shareholders

When business is booming and the circle of shareholders is in place, everything is fine. When shareholders change, there will be changes not only in the company’s registry card, but also in the company’s structure. If one shareholder wants to leave the business, it inadvertently affects the other parties as well.

We have advised on similar transactions and, therefore, we recommend that you contact us before going to a notary. We help to analyse the situation and offer various solutions, serving as a contact person. Please send your inquiry to

Liquidation of a company

The liquidation of a company requires consultation, as the following keywords will play a role:

  • preparing a liquidation report;
  • making a decision;
  • liquidating the company;
  • making entries in the commercial register and later deleting the company, etc.;
  • preparing the final balance sheet;
  • preparing an asset allocation plan, etc.

There are several reasons for liquidating a company, such as termination of business, failure, insolvency, etc.

There are two ways to liquidate a business: voluntary and coercive.

Voluntary liquidation of a company may not be on the agenda only in cases where the business is doing badly. A successfully operating company can also go into liquidation. We have advised a customer who wanted to continue the business as one heir, but others planned to liquidate the company after the death of the business owner.

Forced liquidation of a company requires a court order, which is also a bankruptcy initiated by the owners themselves.

Finantskonsultant prepares all the necessary documents (including decisions and liquidation reports) and assists in all matters related to the liquidation of the company. For consultation, please contact the professionals in their field:

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