The package of staff related services was born out of need. Our customers include companies whose head office is located outside Estonia and, therefore, it is extremely important that the local service provider allows to have a wide range of services and is only a phone call away from the customer.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a number of changes in the way many companies operate. The restrictions damaged economic activity and the daily keywords became COVID-19 support for staff, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund wage support, KredEx crisis measures, etc.

We offer staff-related support services to customers with whom we enter into an annual contract. The concluded cooperation agreement gives the customer a more favourable consultation price and the possibility that all necessary inquiries and requests will be submitted by Finantskonsultant on behalf of your company.

In addition, we help:

  • to prepare employment contracts and accompanying amendments;
  • to perform wage calculations;
  • to communicate with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund;
  • to communicate with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund;
  • to sort and maintain staff-related documents (employment contracts, wage calculations, etc.);
  • to archive the necessary documents;
  • to advise the labour dispute committee in case of claims;
  • to prepare letters (labour dispute committee, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, etc.);
  • to prepare the necessary information letter to the working team;
  • to prepare the insurance claims;
  • to prepare draft contracts.

If you need a reliable partner in the field of financial accounting, who also helps you with other staff-related matter, if necessary, please send an e-mail to

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