We provide accounting services to both companies (private and public limited companies) and public sector companies (foundations).

We use various accounting programs in our work (Standard Books, Erply Books, Directo, Merit Salary, etc.). The customer’s accounting is performed using a cloud-based accounting program. This allows you to get accurate and paperless accurate data that is the basis for providing an accounting service. If necessary, we help to find a better solution and put the company’s documentation in the cloud-based software, so that it is possible to access documents, regardless of the location of the office.

Basic accounting services:

  • cloud-based accounting;
  • digitisation of company accounting systems;
  • the company’s current accounts and the adjustment of the previous period;
  • reports to the Tax Board and other public authorities;
  • preparation of annual reports;
  • reports to management based on the company’s needs;
  • communication with the Tax Board, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, other state institutions and banks;
  • assisting the auditor in auditing the annual report prepared by us;
  • preparation and submission of necessary documents and declarations;
  • other support services.

Business support services

We prepare the necessary loan agreements and session agreements for customers, and engage in the formalisation of agreement extensions and much more.

Staff related activities

We help to sort and maintain documents related to personnel (employment contracts, wage records, correspondence with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, etc.) and, if necessary, prepare employment contracts, contract amendments, deal with wage calculations, and assist in correspondence with employees.

We advise and prepare written answers in case of a labour dispute and forward the data to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Mailbox service for your accounting service customers

We also offer a legal address and contact person service. We receive letters received by regular mail, scan them, and forward them to customers.

We offer our customers solutions that help to save money and mitigate risks.

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